iHunt1 Xbox 360 Promotion   05:50 pm Jul 28th

Welcome to iHunt1's first promotional offer. As our community grows, it is important to us to reward those dedicated members who take the extra steps in helping our community establish itself. So as our first promotion we are offering our users a chance to score some extra credits by doing the following.


1) 10 Credits - Go to your Xbox 360 Account Bio and add in the following.

International Gamers Circuit (IGC1) presents, iHunt1. Join today and begin earning your way to great prizes. Start winning real awards while gaming, earn credits and get the prizes you want. Visit www.iHunt1.com today to get started.

2) 50 Credits - Using the Xbox 360 Vision Camera, set your Gamer Picture to the IGC1 Logo, use the link below to get a clear shot of the logo.


Once you have done either one or both of the offers, send a friend request to "IGC1guy". Once we have verified your profile, You will receive a promotional code to input into your iHunt1 Code box. These two offers are to promote our upcoming social community. So be sure in on it early as there's so much more to come from iHunt1 and IGC1.