Terms of Service

iHunt1.com is a free service which allows users to participate and earn credits which may be redeemed for merchandise. The iHunt1 service and website is provided on an "as is" basis, and makes no claims or guarantees regarding availability, security or reliability of the Service.

To use the Service, you must be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years old with parental consent. This service is only available to the residents of Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States at this time.

iHunt1 is not responsible or liable for any result that may arise from the use of the Service, or from the use of 3rd party products and services introduced by the Service.

Credits are non-transferable and have no monetary value, and iHunt1 is not obligated to redeem them at any time. Only members in good standing may trade in credits to receive merchandise. iHunt1 is not responsible for merchandise which is lost, damaged, or otherwise mishandled.

Prizes take 0 - 3 days to process and order. In the event of suspicious activity, iHunt1 reserves the right to delay prize redemption until investigation is complete.

Only 1 account permitted per person. Accounts may not be transferred, exchanged, sold or otherwise change ownership without the expressed written content of iHunt1.

For safety, login and complete transactions only on your own home personal computer. Using a computer other than your own, including but not limited to: a friend’s computer, a relative's computer, a public access computer, school computer, etc. may result in account termination. Do not use a wireless connection other than the one you subscribe to and pay for at home. Do not use hotspots or otherwise connect to any wireless internet connection that is not from your home.

iHunt1 reserves the right to terminate any account at any time for any reason, or for no reason at all. Account termination and loss of earnings may result from, but not limited to:

- Providing false, fraudulent or otherwise misleading information

- Proxy usage or otherwise attempting to mask or reroute your internet connection

- Spamming where prohibited

- Breaching any terms set forth in this document

- The usage or advertisement of auto-completion bots/programs


Privacy Policy

Any and all personal information submitted to iHunt1.com will remain strictly confidential and will not be shared, sold, traded or otherwise given to anyone without your consent. Only authorized iHunt1 personnel will have access to your information.

You may be contacted periodically by email for any communication determined to be necessary by iHunt1 including but not limited to: prize claims, notices and announcements.

Information submitted to 3rd parties (ie: "offers") is not covered by this policy.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.



iHunt1 FAQ:

1) What is iHunt1?
iHunt1 is a reward system designed to provide gamers an opportunity to earn cash and prizes by doing what they already do . . . playing games, interacting with community members and participating on the site.


2) How do I participate in iHunt1?
To participate in iHunt1, you must create an account. Use the following link to continue to the sign up page. Sign up page

3) How do I sign in?
At the top of every page you will see a "sign in" option, simply click this button and input your username and password.


4) How do I get started winning prizes? 
To begin earning your way to all the great prizes we offer, you must start collecting iHunt1 credits.


5) How do I earn iHunt1 credits?
There are a number of ways to earn credits, and we are always adding more activities, please visit our Summary Page
to learn how to get started.


6) Where do I get my iHunt1 code?
Log into your iHunt1 account and view your profile. There you will see the iHunt1 code box. At the top you will see your daily code. Be sure to read the rules and
Summary Page to make the most of your trades.


7) What do I do with my iHunt1 code?
Members must take part in the "The Hunt", where you must find other iHunt1.com members and trade your code for theirs to earn points. For a full summary of the “The Hunt”, please click to the following link. Summary Page


8) Where do I input iHunt1 codes?
To submit a user's code, log into your iHunt1 account and you will see the iHunt1 code box in your profile. Type in the code you receive in the iHunt1 code box and click submit.


9) I inputted a code I received, now what?
Once you have entered another member’s code, you will receive an update in the window below. This will indicate the status of the person you are trading with.
“Pending” means the other member has yet to enter your code.
“Expired” means the other member did not enter your code within the allotted time.
“Success” means both codes went through and each member was rewarded points.


10) Where can I get a full summary of the iHunt1 system and rules?
Please use the following link to the iHunt1 summary and rules section. Summary Page


11) Why did my points balance reset?
This could have happened for a number of reasons, in any case though, you violated the terms and conditions of iHunt1, and so was deemed necessary to revoke all of your points. You would have also received a message from iHunt1 staff indicating what you did to warrant this penalty, if you feel you that there has been a mistake please contact us at support@IGC1.com.


12) What can I do with the points I’ve collected?
As a member of iHunt1, you may use your points to either win cash & prizes, buy in to raffle drawings, compete in tournaments and other features we will be adding to the site over time. Visit our
Prize Page and Contest Page to use your points.


13) How do I get prizes?
Once you have earned enough points, go to the iHunt1 section and open the Prize store. Select the prize you’d like to purchase and follow the directions provided to ensure your reward is shipped to the correct address.


14) Can I purchase for more than one item at a time?
You may purchase as many items are your total points can afford and have them shipped to you as a bundle, but before you can make another purchase you must wait 2 business days to make another request.


15) Why do prize items change over time?
As time passes, our inventory of prizes will change as we remove older prizes and make room for bigger, better and newer prizes.


16) Why do the prices on prizes change over time?
Over time as we add in ways to earn points, change out stock and iHunt1 grows it will become necessary to alter prize values to make them not only attainable but fair so that every member has a chance to win.


17) Can I return/exchange my prize?
Sorry, but once you select a prize and it enters the processing stage, the sale is final.


18) How many prizes can I earn?
There is no limit to prizes, the more points you earn the more prizes you may receive.


19) Where can you ship to?
Rewards you selected can be shipped anywhere in the world.


20) What if my address won't validate?
Please ensure that you have provided the correct address, if the problem persists please contact us at support@IGC1.com.


21) Am I responsible for shipping and handling charges?
IGC1 members will never need to pay for the shipping of their prizes.


22) What if my prize arrives damaged?
Prizes will be insured by iHunt1 through the carrier. If an item arrives damaged, please follow the contact information on the package to begin the reimbursement process.


23) What if my prize stops working?
Unfortunately, iHunt1 is not responsible for the use, upkeep and maintenance of your prizes after the point of delivery, in the case of consoles and hardware, please contact the manufacturer for details on repairs or replacements.


24) Can I track my order?
Yes, once you have selected your prize and inputted your order, we will send you a tracking number of the respective carrier that you may follow up on.