Welcome to iHunt1. As a member of the IGC1 network you are now able to take part in the iHunt1 credit system and begin earning your way to the great prizes we offer. iHunt1 is the IGC1 network’s system of rewarding its members for their participation on the site and within the community. The system is quite simple and can be broken down into a few sections that will be described below.

Note: We are currently in the first phase of launch. We will be adding additional methods of earning credits in coming weeks. so please check back for more details.


I. The Hunt

"The Hunt" is the most basic method of earning iHunt1 credits. As you may have noticed, your user profile contains an iHunt1 code box. This box contains your iHunt1 daily code, your recent activity tracker and your current total points.


How it works!

Every registered member of IGC1 is assigned a daily code. These codes are used to trade with fellow IGC1 members. Once members exchange codes they are submitted in the iHunt1 code box on the user's profile page. Both parties must submit each others codes, at which point the trade will confirm and they will receive their credits, simple as that. There are some ground rules to the system though.


1) Members may perform up to 25 confirmed trades a day.
2) Trades must be confirmed within 45 minutes of the first code input.
3) Both members must enter each other’s codes to confirm a trade.
4) The same two members may only trade once every 30 days.
5) Codes are only valid within the 24 hours they are generated in.


The Code Box

In addition to your daily code and total points, the iHunt1 code box offers more information to help you earn your points.In the top right corner the count down clock indicates when your code will regenerate, thus providing a new code and making your previous one invalid.


The “Recent Activity” box will show you your trade history including the username of individuals you trade with, the trade status and trade time.Trade status will offer three read outs; Confirmed, Pending or Expired.


Confirmed means you and the person you traded with have received your points and the transaction is complete. Pending means you are with in the 45 minute period of trade and either you or your trade partner has yet to input the code given to them. Expired means the 45 minutes has passed and one of you did not enter your code, this does not mean you can not try again though.Trade time will have two read outs, during Pending status, it will provide a 45 minute count down clock. During a Confirmed or Expired status, it will provide a date for when this transaction took place.


The Roster

Having a little trouble finding members to trade your codes with? Well be sure to take advantage of the Roster page. This feature is designed to help members find existing iHunt1 members across the Xbox 360 and Playstation networks. Members may use the Roster to search for Gamertags on either the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. The Roster will provide the user's iHunt1 account name, their Xbox 360 and/or Playstation 3 Gamertags. This information is only provided if the users wish to display it. To add your console information to the Roster list, visit your profile. Open the edit profile section to input the ID of the corresponding console. By adding your name to this list, fellow iHunt1 members will contact you to perform code trades as well.



Promotions are additional methods for iHunt1 members to earn extra credits outside the code trading system. As the community grows, iHunt1 will add in new ways for members to earn credits. Other than trading codes, iHunt1 will offer promotions that members may take part in. Promotions may be on going offers or be set to a limited time before they expire. The promotions will be either one time offers for members to earn a large amount of credits quickly or allow them to earn as many credits as they want by continuously performing the activity described in the promotion. Be sure to visit the Promotions section to learn what is currectly being offered.


The only question that remains is where to find other members? Well, the sky is the limit there. Members may use any method they wish to find each other; forums, live chats, asking around online communities or while you’re playing an online match. The Hunt is just that, you trying to find one another. For more details on “The Hunt” please check our FAQ, or Contact Us.