New Feature: Promotions   06:34 pm Jul 28th

We continue to give our users what they want. This week we have added in our new promotions section. This section will offer our users new ways to earn credits. To start off, we have our first promotion for our Xbox 360 users, be sure to check it out as there are two ways to score some BIG credits. Check back soon as we will be having an even bigger promotion coming up in the next few weeks.


New Feature: The Roster   05:25 pm Jul 28th

After our first month of launch, we received a lot of messages from our users expressing their excitement, their opinions and their feedback about the site. Taking those into consideration we have begun making changes and adding to the site to suit our member’s needs. So the first new feature we would like to introduce is The Roster. A simple tool but one many members requested, the Roster will allow users to post their console IDs here on the site. IDs are added to Roster list for others users to search and find new iHunt1 Code trade partners to help speed up the process. For more information visit the Summary page.


Beta Launch Contest   11:11 pm Jul 25th

iHunt1 has launched so we need to get ball rolling. So, to start off we are having our first contest to help encourage our members to get out there and find each other. We will be giving out Gamestop gift cards worth $370.00 each to the first 200 members to reach 1,000 Credits. To learn more about the contest please visit the contest page.

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